GET TO THE CHOOPPAAAAA! (…you all saw that one coming)

Bringing the OSG blog back from the dead! We are less than a week away from our COD: Black Ops II scenario so we wanted to share a few details and answer some questions we’ve been getting.

Here is the field/game map:
Here is the video from our helicopter testing: Get to the Choppaa!!

Entry: $29 (Prepay and save $$ here)
Paint: $55 a case FPO

Gates open at 7:30.
Chrono opens at 8:30
Game briefing begins at 9:00.
Generals meetings begin at 9:20. Game begins at 10 AM whether you are on the field or not.

We ask all players to be suited up and checked in by 9:00. Maps and important game details will be posted to the OSG Paintball FB page and this event page. If you have any questions feel free to shoot us a message on our FB page or give us a call at 1-800-707-PLAY

The Generals

Generals will be Geoff Smith of Shadow Assassins and Andrew Levick. The SDC Coalition Forces General, Geoff Smith, is an OSG regular who has played in every scenario here for the last 3 years. You can find him leading the charge everywhere because he will be on field, all day…everywhere. He’s a damn good player to boot. Add his teammates Scott Wilson and Evan Rinschler to the mix who have commanded teams at OSG for the same period of time, you can rest assure he will be in good company.

Mason’s Section General, Andrew Levick, is a TechPB moderator who has been playing for 10+ years. He’s commanded 4 games here at OSG going 3-0 in head to head games, and scoring second at our 3 team Doomsday game last year. He will yell, he will talk smack, he will probably shoot you, more importantly, he wins more than he loses. If he hasn’t banned you on Tech PB, he might after this game.

The Helicopter

For the first time in New England Paintball history, we have chartered a helicopter to fly over the field during game play. It will fly for about 30-40 minutes taking up 2 lucky players one at a time on a pre-set flight path. It will include shooting down from a hover and straffing runs. The winner from our season pass holders will be picked immediately after the game briefing. The second winner will be chosen from one of the lucky golden ticket recipients. When you purchase a case of paint, check the bottom for a golden ticket. The winner will be drawn before noon. Please understand this is WEATHER DEPENDENT. If it rains it will be bumped to our next Scenario, Red Dawn on July 21st.

Helicopter Safety

We’ve had some people voice concerns about vertical shooting from the helicopter. This is an understandable concern. The flight plan we have set up is to try to eliminate any instance of vertical shooting. The players in the helicopter will be instructed to not shoot vertically. Dave, the owner of OSG will be in the helicopter monitoring the the person shooting out of it. Also, there will be a JBI Helicopter employee on the ground with one of our referees in contact with the pilot in case something were to happen. Safety is our #1 concern and we are going to great lengths to make sure this is as safe as it possibly can be.


If you shoot at it you will be ejected from the property.

Special Rules

  1. Gun hits do NOT count at OSG
  2. Rockets take out vehicles and the second floor of buildings. Players within a 10 foot radius on the 2nd story of the castle wall will be eliminated. Call a ref over BEFORE shooting so he may run over and pull players.
  3. Ref Respawn: Referee will direct you where to go. It may or may not be a respawn point.
  4. The Claws and Tanks may be eliminated with a rocket hit.
    • Hit stops it for 15 minutes.
    • 2 hits eliminates it – Player will raise the white flag attached and exit the vehicle.
  5. ASD vehicle must be eliminated by a paintball shot on the vehicle. Must return vehicle to Dead Zone HQ before returning it to action.
  6. Quad Drones will be eliminated by a paintball shot on the kill plate located on the pole below the Quad. Please do not shoot the player carrying the Quad, as this will not eliminate it.
    • Quads must return to the Dead Zone HQ before returning to play.
  7. Juggernaut suits may be used by teams all day. To eliminate, you must shoot with a rocket or use a grenade. When eliminated, player must return to Dead Zone HQ to re-insert.

Other Rules

  1. Supply Points: All game props are retrieved and brought to the Supply Points (unless stated otherwise in the mission). You then get a free walk back (please keep your gun UP) to HQ where your points will be tallied.
  2. Respawn Points will be netted in/tarped boxes. There will be no shooting out from the box or using the box as a bunker. If you are in the box you are a neutral player. If you step out of the box you are a live player. Referees on field can cut off a respawn at their discretion.
  3. Flip Flags: Flip the flag up to your color. At the end of every hour the points will be tallied.

That is it my friends! We play rain or shine so let’s hope for good weather. If you have any questions ask us on Facebook, email us, or give us a call. We will do our best to get back to you ASAP.

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